Our Mother's Day Event - The Mum Awards!

This Mother’s Day we wanted to celebrate the best mums around Derbyshire, especially because of how much more they’ve done during the pandemic. To bring some positivity into the community, we held The Mum Awards, in which there were three categories for our mums to be nominated in by loved ones:

Best Supporting Mum

We’re looking for that special mum that participates in everything, supporting at every opportunity, even if it’s sometimes a little bit embarrassing.

Best Mum in Lead Role

It’s been a tough period recently, and single mums have really had to pull their supermum capes out! We want to recognise Derbyshire’s most wonderful single parent.

Most Outstanding Mum

This is the big one! We’re looking for a Derbyshire mum that’s really gone above and beyond this year.

For this prestigious event, we teamed up with Nonna’s Chesterfield Italian Restaurant. They were kind enough to give a free meal to the three winning mums. Sara, from Nonna’s, said that they’d “happily give away one free meal for the winning mums.”

On March 15, we joined them in the morning to host a live broadcast of the Breakfast Show with Laura and Becky, from 7-10am, and Nonna’s were serving 10% off coffees during our time. There was great audience engagement, with people coming and going, enjoying coffee and breakfast alongside the show.

Karim and Sara chatted with Laura and Becky as well as the crowd having fun and cheering.

Reflecting on the live broadcast, they said, "Our Mother’s Day event at NONNAS went really well and I am pleased to tell you that we received very positive feedback on the service and catering! Many thanks to our whole team for helping to make the event such a great success!”

We had lots of nominations for our three categories for The Mum Awards. It was difficult to choose our winners, but these three mums truly deserve some recognition.

Derbyshire’s Best Supporting Mum 2022

This year’s winner is Stephanie Barron, as nominated by their daughter Emma Barron.

Emma nominated her mother, saying that “She’s a mother of three daughters with health issues, has fostered many children with disabilities, a doctor for the NHS in charge of staff welfare and works supporting other mums recovering from drug addictions.”

Derbyshire’s Best Mum in a Lead Role 2022

This year’s winner is Helen Guest, as nominated by their son Jake Ashmore.

Jake wanted to treat his mum for Mother’s Day. He said, “My single mother has, over the past year has been through so much; separation due to her partner having an affair, starting a new job, so so much, all while looking after me and my sister.”

Derbyshire’s Most Outstanding Mum 2022

This year's winner is Anne Wharmby, as nominated by their daughter Ebony Pascall.

Anne’s daughter, Ebony, decided to give something back to her hardworking mum; “She not only battles with her own illness, she works full time caring for others (proud NHS worker), she looks after her own sick mum and her children. I don’t know how she manages to give so much!”

Following the announcement of her mother winning, Ebony sent in a message, thanking Laura and Becky, saying, “she [her mum] was absolutely over the moon to win Most Outstanding Mum Award.

“Thank you for making her morning. She’d literally just finished a night shift, so it was a nice thing for her to stay up and listen to.”

The winners were able to either spend their Mother’s Day lunch at Nonna’s on the Sunday, or pick a time suitable for them.

Nonna’s are very happy to cater for our mums; “Here at Nonna’s, we are always pleased to hear how we did from our customers; it’s an important part of what helps us to continuously improve our service and catering. We can only better ourselves through the positive and negative comments from our clients and we do strive for perfection. We were just so pleased that all mums felt so special on the day and we thank our customers for choosing Nonna’s on such special occasions."

We would like to say a huge well done to all of the mums that were nominated, and congratulations to the three winning mums! It is our hope to continue this awards ceremony for Father’s Day, as well as continuing it next year, so that we can keep treating the parents of Derbyshire.